Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The next generation

What makes the job even more special is sharing it with our little ones, Lee and Kirsty have a little boy, George, who is a very similar age to our Jake. They are both two this month and just love farming, they will sit on a tractor for hours with their Daddy's just taking  it all in. They especially love it when they can get involved when they can get hands on...

 Here they are feeding the bulls, George is on the left and Jake is underneath. We have to now keep a close eye on Jake as one Sunday afternoon he took himself from the farmhouse to feed the bulls by himself, I believe his father (Norfolk Farmer) did a similar thing involving irrigators!!!!!!
They are very different little boys in lots of ways but both seem to share a love of the outdoors, tractors, animals and muddy puddles!! They are getting to be quite good friends, I often catch Jake talking on the phone (his baby monitor) to George , it must be private because he usually takes himself off to another room, its lovely to see them enjoying farm life and growing together.
It is not just the boys who love being in the tractor, so do the dogs, not least our new charge, Meg. Here she is farming with Lee, as long as she is with someone she is quite happy, she is as dopey as they come:

All in all farm life is really good at the moment and we are very much looking forward to the future!!!