Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Good excuse!!

So i have returned to the land of blog at long last!!! As you can see the last post was on 30th May when Sparkle came into the world. You can just see the wife in the discovery dutifully taking pictures and as always being there just in case! What you cant tell from the pictures is that she was nine months pregnant and had lower back ache! I think you can guess whats coming,

this is Jacob who was born on the 31st May and is nothing short of awsome. He has settled in really well and Fliss and I are having a fabulous time being parents.

He has changed so much already and is growing at a rate, he came out at 6lbs 9oz and is now 9lbs 11oz which is one hell of a liveweight gain!!

Obviously life on the farm has not stopped. We have got half the hay land made and stored in all the sun shine and a new field 90% fenced.

Well thats the reason why i haven't been blogging but I am looking forward to doing a set on the next hay field i make, got plans!!!

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  1. such a handsome boy.. can't wait to see pictures of him on his first tractor!