Monday, 6 December 2010

Ice Ice (and) babies!!

To state the obvious its cold, real cold.

So winter feeding has begun and I am throwing straw and hay around far far earlier than I expected, unfortunatly we left plenty of grass to keep the cattle grazing for another month or so, but under snow its not much good!!

So sheep have arrived at Church Farm for the first time, we have 20 Wiltshire Horns, 2 Jacobs and 10 Suffolk crosses ewes. I can see another steep learning curve approaching but so far so good!

Nine months ago Spud was sent to have his wicked way with the heifers and autumn calvers. In my head I was picturing a sedate set of calvings with the last of the autumn grass and an occasional ground frost. Instead snow on the ground and a fortnight of freezing!! We have had two calves to date, the first was a heifer but it failed to break out of it birth bag when it was born, Fliss came to the rescue and tore it of the head and saved the day, good girl! Next calf was a bull and needed a tug to get it out, all hands on deck, thanks to Mum, Dad and Fliss new bull calf has landed.
Super Gav, wrapped up warm (before the freeze, I havent been able to tempt him out of the workshop since, not good with cold is Gav!)

Jake is awesome (but teething and screaming at peculiar times!)

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