Saturday, 30 April 2011

The other three

Its about time you were introduced to the other three members of our family... the dogs!!! We have three very different (not only in breed, but also in personality) dogs.
This is Zac (aka Zacman) a 10 year old Scotty

Zac is Norfolk farmers dog, they were bachelors together, sometimes I think Zac wonders how he ended up living with 2 young bitches and a baby. He pretty much does as he pleases and spends his days pottering around the farm looking for food or peace and quiet!

Next we have Cabbage (don't ask about the name, Norfolk Farmer's idea), she is a three year old Wire haired Dachshund:

Cabbage, what can I say? She loves people, she wees when she gets excited, shes very protective and very, very dramatic!

Finally there is Dilly, our two year old Parson Russell Terrier

Dilly is Norfolk Farmer's 'working dog', she is devoted to him. She spends all day, everyday out at work, running over all the fields and generally causing mayhem chasing hares, bunnies and if shes really lucky her arch nemesis a Muntjac. That is until she hears Norfolk Farmers whistle and she is straight back at his side!


  1. What fab pictures of 3 wonderful dogs!

  2. So let me get this right: On a single whistle, your Parsons Russell Terrier returns obediently to its masters side?
    I think you've got a rare and very special type of Russell if that's the case!!
    My Jack Russell just seems to put her ears flat and run away faster when I call her, especially if there's a rabbit involved.

  3. Ok Westy me thinks you might have smelt a rat! There is an awful lot of "what ifs" when it comes to her returns, like yours if there is a hare or rabbit in sight even if i had the voice of Brian Blessed there would be no turning her head!

    However she is the sort of dog (and luckily i have the type of farm) that will amuse her self and hunt for hours but when i whistle she will be back in 5 minutes 9/10 times!!