Friday, 17 June 2011

By eck were in Farmers Weekly!

Hello if you've found us from Farmers weekly, your very welcome!!

I was performing my usual scan of FW after work (i do read it cover to cover on my throne) when i came across a list of blogs including little old us!!

What was a real treat was to get a mention for my photography. Now time for a bit of honesty, I do take the odd photo and with the invention of digital cameras (being able to take thousands)the odd one is bound to be good. However there are two members of my family who are SUPER talented with a camera, the first is my little sister Tori who shows her pics on her blog.

The next is Dad. He has spent many hours around the farm and other areas of Norfolk taking pictures of wildlife in its natural environment. He is truely a master and I find nothing more exciting than going trough his pics after he has been out and about.

This is the picture that started it all, after months of trying he got the picture of the barn owl that he was pleased with, it really was months and a lot of nearlys!!

This is dads favourite,  a really tricky shot to get, focusing the camera in with a Shell Duck coming into to land.

And this is my favourite, just the fact that its a Yellow wagtail that i have never seen before but the fact that it is flying over rape in flower, love it!

I think you'll agree that there pretty special and with a bit of luck he will be out with his camera again soon.


  1. I laughed with Dad tonight and said there was another photographer in the family!

    BIG congratulations on your mention in Farmers Weekly.. as you are their biggest fan it is much deserved and all the more rewarding!

    Yay to a Norfolk Farmer and his wife x

  2. ps.. agree Dad is by far the best of us all and takes wonderful photos.. I love the tern taking off (is that right..?) the greys with that touch of red and splashes is so beautiful..

  3. The yellow one is my favourite too. Would look fab as a canvas!

  4. Thank you dada, i think there very very special, love your profile pic!

  5. Great pictures.Must get my camera out.Jamie

  6. the wagtail one should be entered into COUNTRYFILE'S photo comp!!!

  7. these are amazing pictures, well done, what camera and lens do yo use?

  8. With you John on the Wagtail - stunning shot Robert