Thursday, 26 April 2012

Show time...

Tomorrow is a big day, four Bawsey St James heifers are making their debut in Norwich at the Red Poll show and sale and Norfolk Farmer aka Will is very excited!

This is Lee, Will's new business partner, sporting the sign used on Will's Land Rover Defender at the most recent show Church Farm Land Rovers have been to. Bwagon (the red Land Rover in the background of the cow picture), as Will calls it was used to demonstrate how hardy Land Rovers really are!
Back to showing, Lee has a lot of experience in showing cattle and so him and Will have been working very hard training up the chosen cows to get them halter ready for tomorrow. This is a picture of Orla, one of the chosen heifers, taking while in training.

So fingers crossed tomorrow goes well, I am going along to show support and take some pictures so I can update you next week.

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