Monday, 26 April 2010

Busy busy!!

Monday morning has arrived and all of a sudden i am looking at a mountain of work!!! At least i have this to list it all out and record what i've managed to achieve!

Firstly its time to fill in my SP5 form. For non agriculturalists this is the subsidies from europe so we can grow cheap food. Unfortunatly it represents more of my turnover than i would like and this year the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) have thrown me one hell of a curve ball!! In the infinate wisdom of these bureaucrats we had to re map the farm to come in line with europe. I received my new maps on Saturday and was correct in my assumption that they are utter bollocks, instead of being a 20 min job it is looking like hours of time is going to be spent correcting there mistakes and praying that i dont make any resulting in a fine. Would a new goverment do any better??

I am selling more hay now than i have been all winter as the lack of growth has caught many on the hop.

The cattle all need rounding up and vacinating against this and that and testing how many of my November calvers are pregnant. 

I have two small streatches of fencing to do with my new fencing machine.

Time to stop typing and start working, first things first tidy the desk!  

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