Thursday, 29 April 2010

It just gets worse.... ****ing RPA

I have finally been brave enough to really look through the SP5(form for claiming subsudies) and my new set of maps and they are riddled with mistakes. We have had so many alterations of fields on farm over the last few years which have coincided with changes in the goverment agency that produce farm maps. The rural land register are having to re-map every acre of land to bring us in line with the rest of europe to process payments. They first sent me a set of maps back in 2009 which were so wrong it didnt even resemble our farm, in fact alot of the fields wernt, they were in Yorkshire. So I sent the maps back with the set i already had and told them that the set i have is right so change them!!! Me and about 5000 other farmers have then heard nothing, without the maps it is impossible to know exactly what size the goverment think your field is. So irritating.

Dad has found a novel solution with the power of the iphone. He has downloaded an app which tracks where you are and measures the area inside your markers. So with an iphone and a small garden tractor hes off, Robert Hancock for prime minister I say, you can solve anything with an iphone and an app!!

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