Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The fens have never looked so good!!

I got the most amazing treat on Monday. A good friend and i were meant to drive to Rugby and to cut a long story short we went by helicopter.
To fly at 1000 feet across the country was a real honour. To see farms from the air and the quality of what farmers achieve is amazing. Rape has obviously taken a battering over the winter with all crops looking thin and pigions are taking advantage, they seem even more obvious from above! Seeing what our industry achieves made me very proud to be a farmer.

There were signs everywhere of environmental stewardship, with skylark plots and field margins mostly. With the knowledge that farmers have of there own land and the environments it surports I really hope that we get behind the campaign for farmed environment. Finding an alternative and environmental use for marginal unprofitable land is good practise as all farmers know that its nature that allows us to produce food. The more that we suport nature the more she will do for us.

Years of driving through the fens on difficult congested roads coupled with the bleak landscape have left me with very little love of the place. Since flying over it and seeing the beauty and the craftmanship that goes into food production in a very productive area, it was very very impressive.

Coming into land I managed to get a few pictures of the farm from the air which I thought i would share.

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