Thursday, 5 May 2011

And so it goes on...

More drama today on the farm, what was supposed to be routine moving of the cattle ended with a dead cow. While moving the cattle we spotted a cow acting strange, she was lying away from the others and took a lot of encouragement to get up. Having eventually moved her we could spot nothing obviously wrong but decided to call the vet anyway. She quickly diagnosed the problem, gas in what is our appendix. She administered some drugs to try and get her guts going and left us to keep an eye on her.

After a quick lunch Norfolk Farmer went back to check on her and she was no better so called the vet in for surgery. Unfortunately it didn't work and she passed away. So frustrating as we really thought we had spotted it early!

So really hoping it doesn't come in threes today and that there is some good news on the horizon....
Hopefully starting with who we affectionally call 'She Devil,' she had a calf a couple of years ago and as you can imagine by the name it was a nightmare birth and we ended up hand rearing the calf, Oliver the orphan.
She is back in calf and labour is looking pretty imminent so fingers crossed it goes better than last time.


  1. Hello.
    Reciprocal following of blog from Wales. Thanks for your interest.
    I love your dogs...just the kind I'm always on the look out for!
    Hope all goes well with the calving.

  2. So it's a bit like colic in horses and equally as dangerous?

  3. Yes Carol its the same as Colic. Not sure of the exact reason but on post mortem it looked like a problem up in the stomachs was the begining, causing swelling further down. We did the op out on field so limited options for cutting out a section of gut.