Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Fingers crossed

Time had flown since our last blog and the news is unfortunately no better.

One of our dogs has gone missing, Dilly our 2 year old Parson Russell Terrier has been missing since Sunday 22nd May from the farm in Bawsey, near the ruins for anyone who knows the area.

We have contacted the police, the council, dog lost, petlog (the microchip database) and the national pet register. Any other ideas would be appreciated we really want her home, so just on the off chance that anyone knows anything I thought I would blog about her.
We have also put posters up in the local area, we did have a possible sighting of her in Gaywood a few miles down the road. So we are now working off the theory that someone has her, we have scoured the farm and she is definately not here.

Any ideas on anything more we could be doing or even better any information on Dilly's whereabouts would be wonderful.

She is a much missed and much loved family member and we desperately want her home safe and sound.

Please keep finger and toes crossed for us!

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  1. I am sorry, have you phoned all the local vets? A cat of ours that once went missing was found at a vets a few miles away. It turned out that she had been hit by a car (broken pelvis)and was taken to a vet by the driver.
    I'd also be inclined to have a word with any travellers you know, sometimes they are very good at getting lost dogs returned to you.