Friday, 27 May 2011

Home at last

We had the call we had been wanting all week this morning, "hello this the dog warden we have your dog."

We have just picked Dilly up from the kennels where lost dogs end up, she had been picked up about 2 miles away. She had however obviously been with someone all week as she was wearing a brand new collar and has been given a haircut, we think she may have run away from whoever had her and tried to get home.

So, so excited to have her home. It is our Son's 1st birthday party on Monday and a part of us was dreading it as we were one family member down. Now though we can all relax and enjoy!!!


  1. It's a happy day!!! Now you can sleep xxx

  2. Fabulous news, enjoy this v. special (to you) Bank Holiday weekend.

  3. lovely news makes a change to have some good news for a change eh?